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Wheel of Independence Help

If you require support using the Wheel of Independence please email us at woiinfo@moorhouseschool.co.uk and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

Your question may be answered in the FAQs below, so please check before contacting us.


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What happens if I forget my password?

That’s ok, when you go to the login page, there is a prompt which asks you if you have forgotten your password. Follow the instructions to update your password.

How do I give a new staff member access to the WOI?


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There are two levels of access for your school, “Administrator” level access and “User” level access. Only the school “Administrator” will be able to add “Users” for your school. Please contact them if you need to add new staff. 

How do I add a new student?


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The “Achieved Date” for a level isn’t updating even though all the tasks have been completed?

The levels of skill areas have been structured in a hierarchical order to make sure students achieve all areas of the WOI.  Whilst you can jump ahead, it is not possible to complete a level with an “Achieved date” until the previous level is complete. Please go back over the previous levels and check that all skill areas are achieved.

One of my students is not able to achieve a skill area, does that mean they cannot progress on the WOI?

Every skill area should be achievable through the use of different strategies and interventions. Please consult an Occupational Therapist for advice on appropriate strategies. Or contact woiinfo@moorhouseschool.co.uk to enquire about training.

Can I delete older comments on the reporting sheets?

No, all historical comments are collected and stored on the tool. If a student regresses in a skill area it is possible to remove the date achieved in order to show their current levels. 

I can’t create the report I want to create?


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The WOI can produce specific reports but it is also possible to download raw data by clicking Download report data (.xls), see image below. This will produce an excel spreadsheet so you can interrogate the data and produce bespoke reports for your own requirements. Please see the tutorial video for more information on creating reports.



What is the archive student function?

When a student/client has left your organisation you can archive their information in the edit student tab. This means their information will be stored but will not be included in group reports unless you specifically select that in your filters. 

Why are archived students included in my report?

If you don’t filter out archived students, they will be included in the report but they won’t show progress on years where they have left the school, instead, the level will remain the same on those subsequent years. If you would like to remove archived students, make sure you select that the archived student filter is unticked.

Do archived students count toward the student profile number?

No, the archived students’ data remain on the tool for you to look at in case you need to report on historical data but they do not count towards your current student profile numbers and thus will not affect the amount you pay.

What is my IP address?

The IT staff at your school will be able to locate your IP address or show you where to find it. If you do not have an IT department then type in ‘what is my IP address?’ into a search engine and it will be displayed in the results page.

Why do I need to add the IP address?

IP address whitelisting is used as part of this online tool as an additional layer of security. With this function, the tool can only be accessed from your workplace or other places that you specifically choose.

What if I am working from home and need to have access to the tool?

This is not a problem. The website should work from a virtual computer in order to access it from a home location. If your organisation is happy for the data to be accessed from a home computer, they should let us know the IP address of that computer. Please refer to the T&C’s. 

Who should I speak to if I need training or further support?

You should speak to your school administrator but if they can’t help, they can contact the support team at Moor House School & College, Just email woiinfo@moorhouseschool.co.uk.