In partnership with our parents and carers we have decided to update our topic webs in order to show the whole curriculum. This will allow families to navigate the curriculum and to see where their children are heading with their learning. 

Please be aware that due to the nature of the needs of our students teachers can vary the content of lessons. These are simply a guide to support parents and students.

Below you can see our CORE curriculum offer. These curriculum overviews show the termly topics of study for each year group.  


English  Maths  Science 
 English Curriculum Plan  Maths Curriculum Plan Science Curriculum Plan

Here are the links to the other subjects;

Subject Curriculum Plan 
 Art  Art
 Food  Food
 Geography  Geography
 History  History
 Life Skills  Life Skills
 Music  Music 
 Pottery  Pottery
 RE  RE 

These topic webs reflect the Curriculum for 2018/ 2019. Should you have any questions please contact Mr Mansell.