The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework is an online tool used to track progress and measure outcomes for independence and functional life skills.  The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework is based on eight comprehensive life skill areas related to participation in activities of daily living at home, college/school and in the community. These eight areas are as follows:



Each of the eight areas are graded in order for the students to commence and develop alongside the hierarchy of skills based upon their individual level of need. Each skill area has been split into five levels. Level one comprises of the foundation skills required to progress in each area. Every level gets progressively harder and the tasks involved more advanced.


The online tool allows you to:

  • Have individual profiles for each student
  • Follow a skill hierarchy to assist student to progress with their independence

  • Track student progress in each area with current and past comments
  • Produce a visual graph (see example image) and score to demonstrate progress across each year
  • Produce target sheets to share with parents and other professionals
  • Produce reports to demonstrate progress across cohorts



We offer a full day training on the use of THE WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework and how best to put it into practice in your setting. The following topics are covered:

  • The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE ™ framework and how to use the online tool
  • What is independence?
  • Activity analysis and the application in practice
  • Executive functioning and the impact on life skills
  • Strategies to maximise independence and how to remove scaffolding


For more information about The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework and related training please contact