Rt Hon John Bercow, MP

Rt Hon John Bercow, MP   |  Bercow Review 2008

Feedback date:   Thu 03 Jan 2013

Bercow Review of Services for Children & Young People with Speech, Language & Communication Needs
…. Pioneering work in many areas of speech and language therapy and in teaching methods continues to place Moor House School at the forefront of research, development and practice in the education of children with severe, specific speech and language impairments. Since MHS opened in 1947, over a thousand children have made significant improvement both academically and in their communication skills as a result of this intensive intervention. MHS has a well -resourced speech and language therapy service (13 SLTs for 86 students) allowing ‘direct’ and ‘intensive’ intervention to be planned and delivered around the needs of individual children. MHS is a valuable national resource which continues to gather a strong body of evidence of the effectiveness of direct SLT input.” p74

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