Richard   |  

Feedback date:   Wed 10 Dec 2014

I am a former pupil who attended from 1989-1995. Since leaving Moor House School I managed to get GCSE's (Moor House did not offer these at the time) AS levels, A levels and narrowly missed out on a 1st at University. Since then I have worked hard at my chosen Career within the IT world. I now run a team for a company which has offices all over the UK, Croatia, Moscow and Singapore, with another opening in New York in the new year.

I recently got married. Which has to be a highlight to stand in front of all my friends and family and be able to say my vows and the grooms speech. Which, at points when I was younger, my parents would have thought not possible.

Hence I would like to say thank you for all the assistance that the school gave me when I was younger. I feel I owe the school a huge debt to what I have been able to achieve with my life so far. 

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