Karen   |  Parent

Feedback date:   Tue 01 Jan 2013

“Angus had significant speech and language difficulties from about 2 and a half. The first time this really hit home was when he was "barred" from taking part in the Christmas production at playgroup because of his disruptive behaviour.  The next 5 years were very tough particularly when we witnessed his daily struggle to cope with the rigours of mainstream school.  The staff at his local Church primary school were fantastic but as they freely acknowledged, they simply did not have the specialist expertise that Angus needed to address his difficulties.  There is no miracle cure for his condition but Moor House has done an outstanding job of supporting Angus to develop his language and communication skills and to achieve a sense of self-worth and a belief in his abilities. Naturally we are very proud of Angus. We are also acutely aware that none of the achievements that have culminated in the award would have been possible without the "A" team of highly specialised therapists who have been supporting him at Moor House. Our thanks go out to EVERYONE at Moor House who has been and continues to “be there” for Gus and all the other pupils.” 

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