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Why Support Moor House?
School & College 
Moor House School & College is a registered charity and a world class centre of excellence, providing specialist education, therapy and residential care for the children and young people aged 7-19 with severe and complex speech and language impairments. Our students come from all over the UK and a few from abroad, with fees being paid by Educational Authorities. Thousands of children have optimised their learning and communication skills by attending Moor House since its opening in 1947. At the time of its establishment by co-founders Dr Worster-Drought, an eminent neurologist, and Mrs Hudson-Smith, a speech therapist, Moor House was the only school of its type that offered a pioneering range of specialised therapeutic and educational techniques for children with severe speech and language disorders. Today, Moor House is one of the few specialist speech and language schools in the UK that continue to offer integrated residential care, therapy and teaching services to students with speech and language impairments.

Resources for Professionals
Many of our professional staff are engaged in research into specialist methods and intervention for students with speech and language difficulties. Moor House has deservedly built a high level of credibility amongst speech and language professionals globally, is held in high regard by academics and specialists in the field, and its successful work and reputation attract interest and demand amongst parents and professionals. For a list of peer-reviewed research undertaken by professionals at Moor House, please see our research page. Moor House provides training for therapists and education professionals through on site training and at local establishments.

Community Advice
The professional team of speech and language therapists, teachers, and researchers at Moor House can also provide a range of outreach, information and training services for the wider community including local schools and colleges. Parents can gain information through the links on the website, and through attending talks for parents hosted at Moor House. 

How support has helped students at Moor House
There are many ways that philanthropic support has helped our students to learn independent living skills and optimise their learning and communication potential. Below are a few examples:
- Moor House is building a new Residential Campus for its students aged 7-16. These residencies will include around 40 student bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living room spaces, a Healthcare Centre and a multi-purpose Student Centre. This development is estimated to cost around £2.7m and is planned to be completed in 2015. Once completed we will be able to create new teaching and therapy rooms in the vacated areas.  We are currently raising funds for this project, and are grateful to all our funders who have supported this capital project. In particular we are most grateful to receive:

  • A pledge of £500,000 from The ACT Foundation
  • A gift of £100,000 from The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • A pledge of £50,000 from another donor
  • A gift of £20,000 from The CP Trust

- The Wisley Foundation has supported the new developments in Electropalatography (EPG). EPG is a system used for development of speech sound articulation. Over the last two decades use of the equipment at Moor House has involved technical challenges whilst the demand for the EPG equipment has continued to increase. Through the very generous support of the Wisely Foundation, Moor House is now involved in funding and working with Canterbury University in the development of the latest state of the art Electropalotograph. Therapists and students are being involved in providing feedback and ideas regarding future design of software, and ensuring the new equipment works well for both student and therapist. The Wisley Foundation has also pledged to support us to purchase a Safe Space and a minibus for 2015.

How to support us
We are currently in the process of developing our online donation facilities. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss a project or would like to support us, please contact Fariba Kellaway via info@moorhouseschool.co.uk or call 01883 818152 & 07795 905178. We also welcome your support through Easy Fundraising through shopping online. 

Many friends and supporters of Moor House School & College choose to support us by making a regular monthly donation. If you would like to do so this please complete a Donation Form, which also allows us to reclaim Gift Aid where applicable effectively increasing your donation by 20%. You can obtain a copy of the Donation Form by clicking here.