On this page you will find information about a campaign to raise awareness of language difficulties (RALLI), information and videos from the ‘SLI debate’ at Moor House, and information about the current debate about SLI terminology.

The 2012 SLI Debate at Moor House
This exciting debate entitled "What is Specific Language Impairment?" brought together researchers, speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, teachers and representatives from bodies who represent professionals, parents and children with language impairments.

We were treated to short talks by top researchers and practitioners in the field to kick-start the discussions. Links to their powerpoint presentations and videos can be found below. We hope you find them as informative and thought-provoking as we did.

“Introduction to the debate” 
Dr Susan Ebbels and Aoife Gallagher                    
"What criteria for communication disorders?" 
Dr. Courtenay Norbury (Royal Holloway, London)
 Slides   Slides 
“Can we differentiate ASDs from SLI and does it matter?” 
Dr. Vicky Slonims (Newcomen Centre, Guy's Hospital) 
 “Pupils with LI and ASD in mainstream educational settings:
Different needs and different support In Educational Settings” 
Prof. Julie Dockrell (Institute of Education, London)
   Reports from Better Communication Research Project 
Slides  Slides
Summary of talks Dr. Susan Ebbels (Moor House School) Discussions 

The talks were followed by discussions involving
many from the attendees.

See videos part 1 and part 2 
“Genetic insights into classification” 
Prof. Dorothy Bishop (Oxford University)
 “Early Intervention at the Foundation of Reading Comprehension:
Response of children with SLI and the role of Non-Verbal IQ”
Dr. Claudine Bowyer-Crane (Sheffield Hallam University)

Debate about Terminology: International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders
A special issue on the topic of terminology and criteria was published in the July/August 2014 issue of IJLCDs, edited by Dr Susan Ebbels from Moor House. This includes lead articles by Dorothy Bishop and Sheena Reilly and colleagues, 20 commentaries by a mixture of academics and professionals working with children with language impairments and a response article from Dorothy Bishop, Sheena Reilly and Bruce Tomblin. Follow these links for the open access articles.

To reach the wider community, Moor House students, parents and professionals have been involved in filming for the RADLD (previously RALLI) YouTube channel with Editor of the channel, Speech & Language Therapist Becky Clark. This has involved working with key academics in the field of language impairment to bring real stories together with the evidence from research. The channel provides short films explaining language impairments and impacts and films have been viewed across the globe. To learn more visit the RADLD YouTube channel.