I am achieving things that I can not believe I am doing and without coming to Moor House I would never have done this.”  Luke, Year 11 

School & College
Moor House is a specialist school and college for boys and girls with language difficulties (often known as Developmental Language Disorder, DLD) and related communication difficulties. Students come to Moor House from our local area as well as from across the UK, and places are funded by Local Education Authorities. We are a non-maintained special school, which is a charity. Moor House has day and residential places for ages 7 to 19 years. 

Students are empowered to reach their potential in classroom learning and independence, and to develop communication skills, friendships and self-belief. We offer a highly specialist, safe, caring and stimulating learning environment. Teachers understand the student’s needs and therapy is embedded within the curriculum. Visit our school and college pages to learn more about the curriculum.

Moor House staff are dedicated to understanding each pupil’s needs and evaluation of progress is important to us. Staff continue to develop their knowledge and endeavour to provide high quality teaching and therapy.

We draw upon many years of experience and professionals at Moor House publish their work to share our innovative and evidence based methods internationally. The film 'Meet Seb' tells Seb’s view of the support he has received at Moor House.  

To find out whether Moor House may be the right environment for your child, contact our Admissions Team or arrange a visit.

Statement of Values for Students
 Moor House is a place where:
  • I can feel safe and happy
  • I can enjoy learning and be the best I can be
  • I can value myself and believe in myself
  • I can stand up for myself and tell people my ideas and feelings
  • I can understand what people say to me
  • People take time to understand what I say
  • I am listened to
  • People respect me
  • I can learn to do more things on my own
  • I can learn about other people’s views and feelings
  • I can learn about my strengths and who I am
  • People expect me to work hard and do well
  • I can succeed in lots of different things
Statement of Values for Staff 

Moor House provides an environment where students:

  • feel safe and happy
  • enjoy learning and reach their potential
  • value themselves as individuals and develop self- belief
  • are empowered to assert themselves, share their ideas and feelings
  • are communicated with, in a way they can understand and be understood
  • are listened to and respected
  • develop independence
  • develop  awareness of themselves and consideration for others
  • find and develop their strengths and personalities
  • are set high expectations for learning /achievement
  • experience success and achievement