Occupational Therapy
At Moor House, Occupational Therapy (OT) is provided to help students with important skills needed in everyday life to maximise potential for learning and independence. These include fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, alertness and sensory processing skills, as well as organisational skills and independence and life skills. OTs work on these skills to help students at Moor House to develop their independence in activities of daily living such as handwriting, touch typing, doing up a tie or shoe laces, travel or cooking skills. Strategies are provided to develop sensory processing in lessons to manage and improve attention control.

Moor House School has a small Team of OTs and a fully equipped OT suite which includes sensory integration equipment. The therapists work closely with other staff at school and communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress.

“I am proud that I passed my Hurst Green test and got my pass” Ben, Year 8

School wide programme
All students gain OT help through the school wide OT programme which includes functional class support in PE, Art, Food Studies, life skills training and self care support. This is delivered by our OT Assistants under the supervision of the OTs.

Additional Occupational Therapy
For some students who have more specific OT needs, we provide additional weekly targeted individual, paired or group work delivered by an OT.

Therapists set targets with students and parents, involving students in deciding on and monitoring their progress. The life skills checklist, wheel of independence and travel pass enables students to see their progression with independence skills such as travel.