Posted: Mon 04 Jul 2016   |   Occured: Thu 14 Jul 2016


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On Thursday 14th July we held a Sponsored Swimathon at Moor House School and College.

The intention was to have a lot of fun, and to give ourselves an individual as well as a collective challenge, to see what we can achieve together; we also were raising money to benefit all the young people at Moor House through our refurbishment project and welfare fund.

The event ran from 12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight and our aim was to have people swimming continuously during this time. People were able to join in when they wanted, and also to take a break when they wanted, the only condition was that we needed at least one person in the pool keeping the swimathon going at all times!

People from all parts of the Moor House community joined in - students, staff, families and friends - to complete our challenge of 'Swimming the English Channel'. 

The length of the English channel is 21 miles, which is 33.6km, or 33,600 metres, or 1344 lengths of our pool. 

Everyone participating chose their own individual target, to represent a challenge for them - a strong swimmer could set a target of 20 lengths, maybe more; however a less confident swimmer could set their personal target to be 10 lengths, 5 lengths, 1 length, or even 1 width! 

Also, in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, we allow swimmers to be towed on a floating mat up and down the pool!


The total distance swam was 5910 lengths, which is 147.75km, which is over four times the distance of the English channel! And the students did the majority, being together jointly responsible for over a full ‘there and back’ swim to France!

We have also raised over £1,600 so far, with more donations pledged and on their way. (See our fundraising page on

The students exceeded all expectations, with almost all of them exceeding their own personal targets. All the stories are notable, but to pick out a few:

  • In Key Stage 2, Daniel achieved 100 lengths, Earl did 50 lengths, and Oliver did 56 widths (=28 lengths) and developed his arm muscles by lifting the lane ropes as he went!
    Others resoundingly beat their personal targets, with Brandon swimming 20 lengths, Nikkeesha doing 17 and Bradley doing 12.
  • Archie in Year 7 was the first student in the whole school to reach 100 lengths, and then he went on to double it for an overall of 200 lengths.
    Elsewhere in Year 7, Oscar achieved 122 lengths, Sophie did 102 lengths, Henry Co. achieved 84 lengths, Isobel did 77 lengths, and Zara achieved 50 lengths.
    Meanwhile Tom and Henry exceeded their personal challenges and overcome some nervousness in a very busy pool situation.
  • In Year 8, Freya managed 100 lengths, meanwhile Harry did 82, Charlie did 62, Niall did 56, Christian did 51, George achieved 50 lengths, and Matt did 44.
    Frania, Jack, Eleanor, Thea, Joseph and Urja all exceeded their own personal targets. Jack also did some excellent DJ work to keep the music pumping!
  • In Year 9, Cameron managed 80 lengths, Joe did 66 lengths, Megan did 60, and Humphrey did 50.
    Maddy, Libby, Olivia, Maisie and Finn all met or exceeded their personal targets.
  • Six students in Year 10 stayed to the very end at midnight: Eron (202 lengths), Michael (200), Luke (150), Joe (100), plus Ryan and Connor who swam AND were incredibly helpful keeping the tally count going.
    Meanwhile Ollie achieved 130 lengths, James did 126 lengths and Oliver did 70 lengths, with many many others participating and exceeding their own targets.
  • One family achieved over 500 lengths between them, with a strong swimmer called Max who managed 305 for the most lengths of any swimmer. 
  • We had lots of swimmers from the staff, and from families and friends of the Moor House Community too, all of whom did brilliantly.




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