Posted: Tue 30 Apr 2019   |   Occured: Mon 01 Jan 2018

The Moor House Research & Training Institute is thrilled to announce the launch of its new online SHAPE CODING™ course, aimed at helping teachers and speech & language therapists teach English grammar to children with developmental language disorder (DLD).

Developed twenty years ago by Dr Susan Ebbels, the system uses visual coding to show a child the rules for how words are put together in sentences, developing a child’s understanding of spoken and written grammar and their ability to use grammar successfully to express themselves.

To date, thousands have completed accredited courses hosted by Dr Ebbels and her team but now, for the first time, participants will be able to complete the part 1 course online, anytime, anywhere.

Dr Ebbels explains: “We are passionate about sharing the SHAPE CODING system with teachers and speech and language therapists as widely as possible so that more children benefit from it.

“We hope by making our part 1 course available online many more professionals will be able to learn about the system and use it with the children they teach.”

The course takes approximately 5-7 hours to complete, with personalised feedback and certificates of completion provided periodically throughout the year subject to the availability of trainers.

The course is currently on offer at the reduced price of £99, plus a bulk discount of 5 places for the price of 4.

One pilot participant said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the training and can’t wait to try it out with some of our students.” Whilst another added: “I particularly liked the videos as it meant I could pause, jot down notes and re-watch if I needed to. I also really liked how specific the feedback was to my performance for the tasks. I felt I was really able to develop my skills.”

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