Electropalatography developments
Since 1995, Electropalatography (EPG) equipment has been used at Moor House as a tool for working with children on speech sound articulation. This highly specialist equipment allows the child to see a visual pattern of where their tongue is positioned in their mouth. The visual display is achieved through use of a custom made palate that is worn during EPG sessions and connected to a computer screen and EPG software.

Over the last two decades use of the equipment has involved technical challenges whilst the demand for the EPG equipment has continued to increase. Through the very generous support of the Wisely Foundation, Moor House is now involved in funding and working with Canterbury University in the development of the latest state of the art Electropalotograph. Therapists and students are being involved in providing feedback and ideas regarding future design of software, and ensuring the new equipment works well for both student and therapist. The potential for the new EPG is very exciting: Watch this space!

"The way in which the EPG is delivered has empowered Jonathan and put him the driving seat in his therapy sessions" Parent

The Moor House Independence Wheel 
The Wheel of Independence has been developed at Moor House and is a model used for the Life Skills curriculum in Moor House College. It encompasses eight areas of life skill and independent living such as travel and self care. The student's skills are mapped onto the wheel and activities are carefully graded to the individual student's levels of ability. The wheel enables students to track and see their own progress in a visual format. 

Our Buddy-Mentor Scheme
Moor House's Buddy - Mentor system supports new students to settle in, gain confidence and feel understood. Buddys and mentors meet regularly to carry out activities supported by the speech & language therapy team.

Shape Coding
The Shape Coding system has been developed by Dr Susan Ebbels at Moor House. Find out more on the shape coding pages.

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