Welcome to Moor House College

Moor House School & College is a co-educational, non-maintained day and residential special school for children with severe speech and language impairments. We believe in the value of communication and the right of all language impaired children to an education that will prepare them for life as confident and independent members of society.

Moor House College, which opened in September 2012, is the sixth form provision of Moor House School. It provides Key Stage 5 provision for both male and female students. Moor House College offers both day and residential placements. Residential placements are weekly boarding.


HRH The Countess of Wessex and
ex Principal John Lea 

Conservatory in John Lea


 OFSTED 2014

"The Sixth Form is outstanding and prepares students exceptionally well for the next stage in their adult lives."

The school first opened in June 1947 as the first school of its type for children with severe speech and language impairments. The co-founders of the school were Dr. Worster-Drought, an eminent neurologist and Mrs Hudson-Smith a speech therapist, Principal of the West End Hospital School for Speech Therapy, London.

Their pioneering work continues, and many of the therapeutic and educational techniques used with children with speech and language disorders, both in this country and abroad, originated at Moor House School & College.

Since its opening, over a thousand children have improved their communication skills by attending Moor House School & College. Pioneering working in many areas of speech and language therapy and in teaching methods continues to place the School at the forefront of research, development and practice in the education of children and young people with communication disorders. Until 2011, the school was entirely residential but we now take day students in years 3-9 and Key Stage 5.

In September 2012, Moor House College opened providing students with access to mainstream further education with specialist support.



Artists impression of original Moor House 1947 Main School building today New residential Village built 2015/16


"Teaching is excellent because all staff are highly skilled in the use of signing and communications aids"

If you would like the Key Stage 5 provision of Moor House School & College, plesae do not hesitate to contact the office for an appointment with Mrs Madeleine van Niekerk (Assistant Head Teacher - Moor House College) or alternatively contact admissions to book your place on one of our Sixth Form opening mornings.

We look forward to meeting you.

Madeleine van Niekerk
Assistant Head Teacher
Moor House College

Admissions: For information on our admission requirements and process, please refer to the Moor House College prospectus, Admissions section of the website or contact the admissions department.


At MHC, trained qualified and experienced MH teaching and residential care staff work jointly with Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) providing individual study programmes and after college support. Students may also access the other specialist support at Moor House such as literacy tutoring, Electropalatography for speech work and physiotherapy. All students in MHC have access to the School and College’s psychotherapist on a drop in basis.




The curriculum is taught both at Moor House College and the partner colleges. The timetable at Moor House College consists of functional skills sessions in English and Maths and PSHCE lessons support develop students study skills and completion of assignments. Students follow courses which lead to National qualifications in Maths and English as appropriate and GCSE re-sits. This will be delivered and supported by trained, qualified and experienced Moor House staff. All students undertake work experience placements as part of the curriculum.

The Teaching staff work jointly with Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) to ensure curriculum delivery is specific to the student's individual’s needs. The Therapy service offers training and regular support for the advice to teaching staff at the partner colleges.

Students may also re-sit GCSE examinations in English and Maths if appropriate and necessary. All students follow an individualised programme of life and social skills as well as independence training which operates across the week and into the evenings as part of the extended curriculum. This programme will be needs driven. High trained Occupational Therapy staff and Residential Care Workers (RCW) will conduct, monitor and review this programme.

  • Functional Skills / GCSE Re-sit lessions in English and Maths
  • Supported study for partner college course work and assignments
  • Speech & Language Therapy sessions, individually and in small groups
  • Functional life skills sessions with an Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Work experience and work related learning
  • PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

All students follow an intensive programme of life and social skills as well as independence training which operations across the week and into the evenings as part of the extended curriculum. This programme is conducted, monitored and reviewed by specialist staff.


Please refer to the Therapy provision seciton of the website for additional information regarding the Therapy provision

Moor House College has a designated team of Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. The Moor House College Therapy team provides highly individualised intensive interventions to meet each young person's needs. As well as providing direct 1:1 and group therapy interventions, a key element to our successful outcomes is our collaborative and integrated approach with our partners in Education and for those students who are residential at our College, our colleagues in the Residential Department.

The therapy team supports the students in all areas of learning and life skills both on site and externally. The speech and language therapists provide training for staff at our link colleges on an annual basis and go into the provisions for one week per term to observe students in the lessons and give advice and support to staff.

The intensive and integrated manner, in which we work, ensures that the students at Moor House College continue to make outstanding progress in all aspects of their education, social skills and life skills.

Residential Care

Please refer to the Residential Care provision section of the website for additional informaiton regarding the Residential Care provision.

The students currently live in three accommodation settings within the grounds of Moor House. One residential building is known as John Lea House and was officially opened in December 2012 by the School's Patron, HRH The Countess of Wessex. Each house has three or four bedrooms, kitchen and diner. The kitchens are well equipped to encourage the development of independent living skills such as cooking and laundry. Two further areas of residential accommodation can be found within the main building of the school known as the West Wing and West Wing extension.

All housing in John Lea House has internal access to a large airy conservatory which is uses as a communal area. The conservatory opens onto a patio which is well used for functions such as barbeques and birthday celebrations in the summer months. All students currently have single bedroom accommodation and are encouraged to personalise their rooms as they choose. Students in the West Wing extension also have access to their own fully equipped kitchens and separate common room.



All students are expected to have a degree of independence on entry to Moor House College as expectations are that they will plan, budget and cook their meals with support and guidance of staff. Students will receive support and guidance with all aspects of independent and communal living skills required to manage the everyday routines of residential living. Each student has a dedicated key worker and an individual Care Plan. Students receive support in:

• developing life and social skills experiences, including facilitating appropriate friendships outside MHC

• support in managing their leisure time including identifying and facilitating access to leisure activities

• developing a life / work balance while still meeting academic deadlines

Moor House College have a link with a local driving school and can support students who wish to learn to drive.



Moor House College was inspected as part of the OFSTED inspections undertaken in 2014. It underwent routine inspections by Ofsted as part of the Moor House School & College report. The provision will be monitored each term by our School Improvement Partner and by our Standard 20 visitor. Reports from these professionals are discussed by Governors. You will find recent Ofsted school reports using the following link https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/. Click on Inspection reports and put in the name of the school or the postcode RH8 9AQ. From the reports, you will see that we have strived to constantly improve our services to students and their families and we are delighted that our hard work has been recognised in the Ofsted has awarded us with the accolade of OUTSTANDING in the last two reports. 

OFSTED COMMENTS: "The sixth form is outstanding and prepares students exceptionally well for the next stage of their adult lives."



MHC code of Conduct

  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Pride



"Sixth form students make excellent progress, and achieve outstandingly well. They gain a good range of qualifications and work-related learning awards, which are carefully matched to their levels of ability. This prepares them exceptionally well for the next stage of their adult lives."


In 2012 & 2013, 100% of our students enrolled at the partner colleges were successful in completing their courses and achieving their target grades.  In 2013 students at Moor House College performed better than their peers at the partner colleges and the National Averages. 100% of Moor house college students completed their level 1 courses successfully compared to 81.2% nationally, 71.8% at Partner College 1 and 81.5% at Partner College 2.  Our student’s success continued with 100% of students completing their Level 2 courses compared to only 83% of students nationally, 90.2% of students at Partner College 2 and only 72.4% at Partner College 1.  Moor House College students at Level 3 continued this success with 100% of students successfully completing their courses and achieving their target grades compared to 86% nationally, 81.8% and 81% of students at the partner colleges.


In 2014-2015 the Students continued to perform better than their peers at the main stream partner colleges with 20% of our Level 2 students exceeding their target grades and 72% of students on Level 3 courses exceeding their target grades. This resulted in all our students able to progress onto their next level of course with 3 of our students accessing Level 4 Foundation courses this year.

In 2015-2016 the Students results remain consistent, with students performing better than their mainstream peers. The pass rate for all qualifications and students remain at 100%, with 77% of students exceeding targets at Level 2, 50% of students exceeding target levels at level 3 and 3 students completing Level 4 Foundation courses and 67% exceeding their target grades. English and maths exceeded target grades with 67% of students in maths and 76% of student in English achieving their qualifications.

Students continued to outperform their mainstream peers with 95% of students achieving at least 2 qualifications or more compared to 68% at the partner college 1 and 79% at partner college 2 with a 100% completion rate on all courses, compared to 87% completion rate at partner college 1 and 75% completion rate at partner college 2.

Academic Year 2015 - 2016 - Number of students in Sixth form 38 Vocational Courses

Entry Level 3 100% 100% 0%
Level 1 19 100% 100% 5.2%
Level 2 7 100% 100% 77%
Level 3 2 100% 100% 50%
Level 4 3 100% 100% 67%

English and Maths re-sit and higher level qualifications

Subject  Success Rate 
Maths 67%
English  76%

 Comparative Data 2015-2016

College Success Rate - 
at least 2
Success Rate -
at least 3
Moor House College 95% 61% 100%
Partner College 1 68% 60% 87%
Partner College 2 79% 78% 75%
National Averages 65.8% 47% -

Looking at how well our students are prepared for the next phase of their lives. 100% of our leavers progressed into Further or Higher education or into employment relating to their course of study. 40% of our students transitioned into University, 40% transitioned onto courses at their local Further Education College and 20% transitioned into employment relating to their course study while at Moor House College.

In 2016-2017 students continued achieving excellent results. 100% completion and pass rate continued for all students across all level of qualifications at the partner colleges. 100% students who were entered for additional vocational courses achieved these qualifications. 67% of students on level 3 exceeded their target grades with 14% on level 2 exceeding their target grades. 34% of students achieved 2 vocational qualifications at the partner college, the first time ever at college. 67% of students in English and 53% of students in Maths achieved their qualification, another year with great results in these subject areas.

Entry Level 3 100% 100% 0%
Level 1 15 100% 100% 0%
Level 2 14 100% 100% 14%
Level 3 9 100% 100% 67%
AQ 14 100% 100% 100%

In 2017-2018 students continued achieving excellent results. 100% completion and pass rate continued for all students across all level of qualifications at the partner colleges with 32% of students achieving merits or distinction grades. 70% of students on level 3 exceeded their target grades with 34% on level 2 and 23% on Level 1 courses exceeding their target grades.

Leavers Progression Data:

Looking at how well our students are prepared for the next phase of their lives. Another year with 100% retention data. 46% of students progressing into further education, with successful transition into locality, 27% of students progressed into employment/ training, which includes Apprenticeships. For the first year we have 18% of students progressing onto supported internships with 9% progressing into University.

Year Retention % Higher Education % Further Education % Employment/Training %  Supported Internships %  Other %
2017-2018 100 13 20 54 0 13
2016- 2017 100 9 46 27 18 0
2015- 2016 100 20 70 10 0 0
2014- 2015 100 40 40 20 0 0
2013- 2014 75 0 75 0

0 25*
2012- 2013 100 0 100 0 0 0

 * family relocated to Brazil