Introduction to Moor House
Moor House provides specialist schooling and therapy for children with speech and language difficulties (now often known as Developmental Language Disorder, or DLD) and draws upon over 70 years of experience. The school is believed to be the first of its kind, has provided inspiration for other schools internationally, and continues to lead in areas of specialist education, therapy and research. Moor House shares its expertise and research findings to support children in the wider community.

“…. Pioneering work in many areas of speech and language therapy and in teaching methods continues to place Moor House School at the forefront of research, development and practice in the education of children with severe, specific speech and language impairments." The Bercow Report 


School & College
MHS&C provides education and therapy for children between 7 and 19 years with speech and language difficulties (often now known as Developmental Language Disorder, or DLD). In our specialist environment, students are empowered so they can understand, learn, express their ideas, communicate feelings and thoughts, develop friendships and become confident young adults. Communication with parents is important to us to aid each student’s development and we support parents through our parent workshop programme. Visiting us and meeting our students will give you the best insight into whether Moor House is right for your child. Contact the Admissions team to find out more or to arrange a visit. 

Resources for Professionals
Moor House shares its professional knowledge locally and internationally. Professionals can learn about specialist approaches and research evidence through training at MHS&C, open days, webinars, publications and video links on our site.  

Advice for parents and schools
Moor House hosts talks for parents and on our website parents can find more information about language difficulties and how to support their child. Highly specialist assessments and programmes are available for children in the local community through our outreach services. Please contact us to discuss what we can offer or to arrange a visit.

Supporting Moor House
Moor House is a charity providing education and therapy for children in the South East. We develop and share our approaches nationally and internationally. To contribute to the work that we do to help children communicate, please visit ‘Support us’ pages. We would welcome your support.







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