Criteria Admissions
If your child or a student you work with has difficulties with understanding or taking part in lessons at school because of language difficulties, Moor House may be able to offer the right teaching and therapy. Students with language difficulties can experience frustration, problems with literacy, difficulties with friendships and low self esteem and so may need intensive speech & language therapy linked with specialist teaching to help them learn and communicate in every day life. If you wish to apply please click here.

Moor House School and College may be the right place for a student if:

The student is between the ages of 7 and 19
The student has persisting difficulties in the areas of speech, language and/ communication
Speech and language difficulties are the student’s primary barrier to learning and the development of life and social skills.

and if the student needs:

A mainstream curriculum which is individually designed and delivered for students with persistent speech and language impairments
An intensive and integrated speech and language therapy intervention
At ages 16-19 - access to further education courses with Moor House intensive specialist SLT support 

We also check that the peer group is right for your child.

Additional needs
The student may also need:

Direct Occupational Therapy intervention with an Occupational Therapist
Direct Literacy intervention with a specialist teacher who is dyslexia trained
Direct Psychotherapy with an Arts Psychotherapist.
Direct Physiotherapy with a Physiotherapist. 

Places at Moor House
Day places are available to students who live locally and residential places are available for those living further away. Places at Moor House are paid for by the student's Local Education Authority.

First steps
Please call Sophia or Viv in the Admissions team to discuss whether Moor House may be the right place for your child and what to do next or click here to apply. You may like to also sign up to a parent tour or open day.

It is useful to send us a recent Educational Psychology report and Speech & Language Therapy Assessment report

Assessment at Moor House
The student may be offered an assessment visit. This will include Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy assessments with the student and discussion with parents/ carers. The child will join lessons and activities so the teaching and therapy staff can observe the student’s learning in our environment. We will send you details of the assessment day, teachers and classrooms so you can prepare your child before their visit.


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