Moor House offers specialist training, support and resources for professionals to develop knowledge and skills for working with children with language impairments and associated difficulties.

Throughout these pages you will find information on training sessions, access to resources such as videos, shape coding resources, links to research publications by Moor House professionals, information about the Clinical Excellence Network and further useful links.

If you would like to visit Moor House, please contact us. We would welcome your visit and look forward to collaborating with you.

Learning and progressing as well as supporting the development and knowledge of others in the field is of great importance to us at Moor House. Such collaboration facilitates advancements in supporting children with speech and language difficulties both within Moor House and globally.

University collaboration
Moor House collaborates with Universities to learn from research, to enable research to take place and to support development of student therapists and teachers. Publications by Moor House professionals can be found on our Research page and Moor House hosts events to facilitate collaboration between those in the field.  Moor House Speech & Language Therapist, Dr Susan Ebbels provides guest lectures at University College London, and is a PhD examiner and MSc supervisor for City University.

Organisations and editorials
Dr Susan Ebbels acts as expert advisor to Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists on school-aged children with language difficulties. She is Associate Editor of International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders and is a member of the editorial board of Child Language Teaching and Therapy.